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This exhibition “Consumed by Grogu” focuses on some of the most popular and recognized brands, whose profits have soared during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Grogu is the personification of us, the consumers.

Tips: Best viewed on a laptop or PC. Use the controllers under each image (or mouse) to zoom and pan and discover hidden tidbits.

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“May the Froth Be With You”

Further examination of consumerism begs to ask the question: Are we the consumers, or are we being consumed? Who has control? Our favorite brands have played Jedi mind tricks on us all.

“Pho King Good”

I remember first seeing Baby Yoda photography stills early in the pandemic and immediately wanting more. He brought light and happiness into our homes during a very uncertain, dark period of time. Like comfort food.

“5 O’Clock Somewhere It Is”

The word “consume” has many connotations. To consume is to eat, buy, or use up. By definition, we as consumers buy goods for consumption. Many of these said items are necessities, but a bulk are feel-good non essentials from the brands we love and trust. Grogu is the personification of us, the consumers.

“Prime Is the Way”

As physical stores have closed or shut down, e-commerce has been booming. Every day we are flooded with online ads inundating our screens with our specific likes.


We become addicted to our favorite brands and crave more: McDonald’s, Starbucks to name a few…now more than ever.

I view my artworks as tiny time capsules, capturing the zeitgeist by highlighting popular items / pop culture of today. Also, adding nostalgic child-like memories via toys, etc. One day when someone looks back on my work, they will see Grogu/Amazon/Purell and immediately think of the Covid 19 pandemic of 2020 and the feelings associated with that time period, perhaps. Or it will spark some curiosity and incite conversation. I find great joy in uniting peoples of all ages/colors/creed with my work because art is a universal language!


Christybomb for allowing us to bring her incredible vision to our platform. Dáreece Walker for curating and editing, and all of our supporters for being the reason we can continue to create these awesome collaborations.


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